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Digestive Problems and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Solutions to Digestive Problems

Chiropractic and Other Natural Solutions to Digestive Problems

Chiropractors see all sorts of people for all different ailments and one of the common changes we see in re-exams is relief of digestive issues. 

It can be quite comical sometimes because the patient may have come in for a simple low back or neck pain and after doing the health history we find out that they have had a long history of some sort of digestive issue. 

After a course of care and during a re-exam when they are talking about improvement or resolution of the initial reason why they came in, we often ask how some of the other health issues are doing and more often than not we hear that these issues are improving or completely resolved as well. 

I think that it is a cool concept to think that when someone takes medication for things like low back pain or headaches and there is a laundry list of negative side effects of the medication, but someone can come to a chiropractor and actually have other health issues get better or completely go away.  

Millions of people in Canada suffer from some type of digestive complaints such as hiatal hernias, ulcers, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's Disease, and many more.  These are traditionally treated in our medical system with some sort of pharmaceutical intervention. 

In 2000 pharmaceutical companies sold over $96 BILLION in drugs to treat digestive related conditions and many of these drugs come with unwanted side effects. 

With this article I hope to give you some alternative options to going down the pharmaceutical path.  

Your digestive system is composed of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and the small then large intestine.  Organs that assist the digestive system are the tongue, saliva glands, pancreas, liver, and the gall bladder.  They assist by secreting enzymes that help bread down and digest food.  Our digestive system performs two vital roles in the body being breaking down food into absorbable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be used by the body and it also protects the body from harmful substances.  

In order for our digestive systems to work properly it is very important for all of these parts to be working properly and in the proper synchronization, it is our nervous system that controls and coordinates all of these actions.  

In 1976 a Canadian by the name of Hans Seyle, M.D., documented that during periods of prolonged stress, the nervous system can cause the over secretion of the adrenal hormone ACTH, which inhibits digestive function, and increases the risk of gastric ulcers.  There have also been many follow up studies that support the conclusion that stress can cause digestive problems. 

Another study published by the Spine Institute of San Diego, also showed that one of the major symptoms resulting from a neck injury includes digestive disorders resulting from physical trauma to the spine.  

The primary job of a Chiropractor is to maintain a "brain body connection".  Your brain runs everything in your body and the way that it gets messages to all of the working parts of your body is through your nervous system.  When people get stressed from a physical, mental, or chemical source (or a combination of these sources) that is beyond their body's ability to adapt, dysfunction will occur to the nervous system and therefore interfere with the brain body connection. 

This interference in the nervous system can lead to a very wide variety of symptoms which will include digestive disorders.  

At Fish Creek Chiropractic, your Calgary Chiropractor, we specialise in the detection and correction of the nerve interference but we also take it a step further by educating you on the ways that we can eat, think and move to make you healthier and therefore increasing your body's ability to adapt to stress, which will definitely help with any digestive disorders you may be experiencing.

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