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Health & Fitness :: Inversion Tables for Back Pain - are they effective?

Most of us with a 9-7 job have a common complain of having mild back problems. When these normal problems turns out to be a major one, we may not realize, and by then it becomes too late. Back pains or sciatica are difficult to get rid off and if you are not well educated about the different therapies, it might work the reverse and worsen the case. One of the most effective therapies is the inversion table therapy for back pain.

If the term inversion therapy unfamiliar, this 400 B.C old therapy involves hanging upside down where your body and the gravity force are used as traction to release stress and pressure on your spinal cord. Most doctors do not prescribe this therapy and instead try working with treatments like electrical stimulation, anti-inflammatory medications and others, ignoring the major fact which contributes to back pains, which is spinal compression. This natural inversion table therapy helps in relieving lower back pain and the stress on the back and the joints by reducing compression on the vertebrae and discs.

In case you're wondering if inversion is safe and really effective, its popularity among the back pain sufferers speaks it all. When there are so many varieties of back pain inversion tables available in market and with so many people looking up for information on them, its is obvious that the term has been in discussion for long and has gained recognition for good. Some of the benefits of inversion tables are discussed here.

Apart from relieving back pain and stress on your joints, inversion helps you to maintain your height as stretching avoids shrinkage. It is also known to help in increasing oxygen flow to the brain, for improving blood circulation, to relieve stress and for improving posture. The stretch makes you flexible by the reverse gravitational force. This helps in easy movements of the body while sitting, standing and lying flat on the inversion table. Also while carrying out your normal exercises the body inevitably compresses the spine unevenly. The inversion therapy realigns the spine after workouts. Stretching with inversion means you have an inverted body and the gravitational pull helps your blood to circulate faster. The therapy rejuvenates ones mind as it has just been rid of stress and back pain troubles. It also improves sleep.

Inversion tables are fun to have around. Just 10 min of exercise everyday and you will feel relaxed and composed than any other exercise. There are different kinds of inversion tables you can choose from. But before attempting for a purchase, make sure you have consulted your doctors to check if you have high or low blood pressure or heart disease. Always read the safety cautions given by the manufacturer in order to avoid unwanted accidents.

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