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U.S. Army Brigadier General Becky Halstead (Retired), Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Speaks Out for Chiropractic Care

CARMICHAEL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (www.yes2chiropractic.org),

a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness

of chiropractic, announced today that Retired U.S. Army Brigadier

General Becky Halstead will serve as its spokesperson and share with the

public her positive experiences with chiropractic care. Halstead served

27 years with the United States Army, is the first female in U.S.

history to command in combat at the strategic level by commanding the

highest level organization for logistics (3rd Corps Support

Command) in the Combat Theater of Iraq, and is a recipient of the 2007

national Women's History Project Generations of Women Moving History


"The year I was deployed to Iraq I missed my friends and family -- and

my chiropractor!" asserts Halstead, noting that chiropractic care is

available through the U.S. armed forces healthcare delivery system at

approximately 25 percent of the military treatment facilities.

"Personally, I hope someday that chiropractic care becomes part of all

our military's healthcare programs, so that all soldiers can have the

opportunity to benefit from the care that only a doctor of chiropractic

can provide."

Halstead says that the hands-on, active care of doctors of chiropractic

and their advice on a healthy lifestyle are essential to our military

men and women.

"I have always been grateful for the care of my chiropractor and feel it

is an essential part of not only preventing more serious health

concerns, but also assisting in the recovery from strains and other

injuries," adds Halstead. "My chiropractor is genuinely interested in

me, my life and my health, and takes a holistic approach to my wellness."

She says that time spent with her chiropractor is better than any drug

she has ever had prescribed, noting, "Listening appears to be a major

tool of my chiropractor's doc kit in order to get to the root cause of

my pain and discomfort without just masking the problem with drugs with

all their side effects."

Halstead explains that a chiropractor "... allows me to be part of the

solution and encourages me to be part of my own wellness plan. One of

the greatest emotions in the world is relief, and that is exactly what

my chiropractor provides me--a tremendous amount of relief from my pain."

Halstead graduated from West Point in 1981 as a U.S. Army Ordnance

officer with B.S. in Engineering. She also earned an M.S. in National

Resource Strategy (Advanced Manufacturing) from the Industrial College

of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, and an M.S. in

Advanced Military Studies (Visionary Leadership) from the Army Command

and General Staff College. She was the first female graduate of West

Point to be promoted to General Officer. She also served in Europe as

the Deputy Commanding General (Chief Operating Officer) for the 21st

Theater Support Command and has experience leading a multinational team

in depot level logistics operations.

Halstead served as the Chief Advisor to the Combatant Commander (Four

Star General) responsible for military training and operations in Latin

America, coordinating directly with high-level organizations including

the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff,

Department of State, U.S. Congress, U.S. Ambassadors and equivalent

foreign military and civilian organizations.

Today, Halstead is the executive director for leader development with

The Praevius Group (www.praeviusgroup.com),

a Virginia-based consultancy focused on the innovative fusion of

leadership development and technology.

"It is both an honor and pleasure to welcome General Halstead as a

supporter," says Kent S. Greenawalt, president of the Foundation.

"Halstead exemplifies extraordinary service to this nation, and her

participation as a spokesperson is a compelling message to professionals

and patients, alike."

About the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress is a 501c6 corporation that

represents a cross section of the chiropractic and vendor communities

with the goal of increasing the public's awareness of the benefits of

chiropractic. www.yes2chiropractic.org.

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