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Medicine :: What Are The Candida Die Off Symptoms?

You probably have heard a lot about Candida. You might probably have experienced having one. Candida is yeast like fungi that grows out of hand. It means that more bad bacteria grow and lived in your body instead of the good bacteria. Common symptoms include skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis; itchy skin, severe cravings for sugar and yeast products; irritability and mood swings. But do you know that there is also such thing as Candida die off symptoms? It is also called as Herxheimer Reaction and its severity will depend on every person having it, his immune system and how long he has been suffering from Candida.

There is also no known time frame as to long this symptom will occur. It may be one or two days but it can stretch up to several more weeks when left untreated. Usually, a change in the diet will result to the die off symptoms.

When Herxheimer Reaction happens, it means that the excess yeast produced by your body die rapidly and at such a faster rate to create more imbalances in your system causing your body to go haywire. As this progress, the endotoxins produced by the bacteria die as well, putting your body in to overdrive.

Candida die off symptoms are a result of actual biological happenings that your body is experiencing when endotoxins are on overdrive.

The result would mean more side effects to you. Headaches would become more frequent; cravings for sugar, sweets and beer become more severe, other side effects like diarrhea, constipation, light headed-ness and depression will also appear. Other side effects may also include diarrhea, anxiety, nausea, general malaise, exhaustion, bloating, constipation, sore throat, skin break outs and so much more. The more side-effects you will encounter or the more severe those side effects are, the more you are on your road to recovery.

There are two reasons why Candida die off happens:

1. Antifungal treatments

Antifungal creams and treatments can definitely kill the yeasts. Most doctors would prescribe topical antifungal treatments or medicines you can take to treat antifungal yeast infections.

2. Dietary Changes

Adapting a healthier diet not only means a healthier you. It also means that you are starving the excess yeast that's preying on the extra sugars in your blood, living inside your body. When you go on a diet, follow a step by step procedure to minimize occurrence of die off reactions.

Dietary guidelines you should follow must include:

Avoiding the food that causes the imbalance- that means junk food , refined carbohydrates, sugar-rich food should be taken permanently out of your diet.

Your diet should consist of bigger portions of fruits and vegetables. Salads and vegetable dishes will help detoxify of your body. If salads and raw vegetables are not your thing, you can blend them and make exciting juices and shakes.

Beer should never be drank again. This beverage thrives on yeast.

You can also try baking soda baths or Epsom salt baths to ward off toxins. Saunas and steam baths are also helpful in drawing out toxins away from your body.

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