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Amid Obamacare Confusion Over Covered Benefits, Philadelphia Area Chiropractor Dr. Charles Grim Diversifies Services and Helps Patients Get Care

Throughout the national Obamacare health coverage rollout, various coverage qualifications and regulations have muddied the waters of an already-murky industry. And as doctors and medical practitioners look to government authorities and failing websites to further explain insurance carrier payouts and coverage levels, one patient-centric chiropractor has shifted focus from carrier and government bureaucracy back to the patients he serves regardless the coverage they have.

Circumventing this carrier qualification dilemma is Philadelphia area native Chiropractor Dr. Charles Grim, who in his more than 30 years of patient and clinical experience has developed an ever-expanding model of diversifying the services patients receive, becoming more proactive and preventative in scope.

"Patient health trumps insurance coverage every time for me. If I can alleviate back and neck pain, help a patient embrace healthier eating habits, and eventually help a patient lose 20 lbs. - all without ever talking about insurance coverages - then it's been a successful day," stated Dr. Grim.

As Forbes recently reported, whether or not a patient is even covered for chiropractic care under any plans purchased on the insurance exchanges varies from plan to plan and carrier to carrier. Throughout the Obamacare rollout, Dr. Grim has helped patients weather this healthcare storm by providing existing chiropractor care regardless of coverage.

Additionally, Dr. Grim, chief wellness officer at Pennsylvania Center for Wellness and a practitioner with over 30 years' experience, has extensively expanded service offerings at his several regional clinics into the overall health and wellness arena to better attend to patient needs in spite of any Obamacare confusions or exclusions.

"What's truly unique about what we now do is we don't just concentrate on aches and pains like we used to when I first became a chiropractor," said Dr. Grim, continuing, "Instead, we've shifted to an overall wellness model that is generating healthier patients across the board."

"From proprietary weight, exercise and nutrition programs tailored to the exact needs of particular patients, through to the more aesthetic protocols such as laser lipo (zapping the fat, we call it), patients realize that in spite of confusing insurance, I'm there for them to offer a customized treatment plan for their particular situation."

Apparently Dr. Grim's new approach is catching on, as according to the American Chiropractic Association's recent article, other practitioners and clinics around the country are now following suit and expanding their services.

"Rather than fighting with insurance companies over what's covered or at what level, I aim to be a patient resource focused on overall health and wellness right from the start. This is what I believe should be at the very heart of our practice," stated Dr. Grim.

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